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XML Design Documentation Tools  v.0.2

The XML Design Documentation Tools are a set of XML stylesheets and a schema that can be used to write and maintain software Design documentation, and then use the XML source to generate HTML, PDF, etc. copies of the

XSL Transform Self-Documentation  v.1.0

The project defined an XML format for documenting XSL stylesheets. The authors also created an XSLT-based system to present the documentation in

XSLT documentation generation XSLT  v.012

This tool generates documentation for XSLT stylesheets, allowing you to browse through the code in your webbrowser. Interlinking of templates in different stylesheets within an import/include tree is

Golem Documentation Project  v.1.0

This is the Golem Documentation Project, Golem is a fully functional WEB RAD (Rapid Application Development), including an IDE 100% WEB, classes and plug-ins for various tasks such as importing and exporting data, database management, dynamic forms, ...

Object Library Documentation Project  v.1.0

The Object Library Documentation Project defines standards and utilities for creating documentation structures for object models and packages like ActiveX Dynamic Libraries, Controls, .NET Assemblies, Java packages, and web services.

FreeDOS Documentation Project  v.1.0

The FreeDOS Documentation Project (FD-DOC) aims to producehigh-quality documentation for all aspects of FreeDOS:HOWTO documents are a helpful set of documents that tell you all youneed to know about how to use FreeDOS.Our license is the GNU FDL.

JSP Documentation Generator  v.1.0

Extracts information about jsp pages for use by developers. Integrates with regular javadoc documentation for .java files.

MediDusa - medical documentation  v.1.0

MediDusa is a scientific database for medical research and daily documentation. Read more at: Download available at:

Arabic Linux Documentation Project  v.1.0

ALDP aims to develop a documentation for Linux targeting Arab users in their language , focusing mainly the most advanced Linux topics like kernel development ,UTF8 handling in programming , package managers and interiors of GNU/Linux OS ,

UTF-X Doc - An XML Documentation System  v.1.0

UTF-X Doc is a very simple XML documentation package (similar to DocBook but much, much simpler). UTF-X Doc has special features for documenting XML systems.

ZSNES Documentation  v.1.0

This is the official documentation of the ZSNES emulator ( Available formats include HTML, plain-text, and CHM. We work closely with the ZSNES developers to bring you the best emulator documentation available.

SuperCollider Documentation in Spanish  v.1.0

Spanish Translation of the Official SuperCollider Documentation (Tutorials and Help Files). The OSS SuperCollider is an environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis.

Microsoft Offline Documentation  v.1.0

Offline versions of the Microsoft's Documentation (Technet, MSDN, etc).

Showme - Video documentation made easy  v.1.0

showme is a screen capture utility used to create short, easy to re-use, screen capture based HOWTOs, technical documentation and others. It uses Flash as technology to enable easy replay on many platforms.

NewXmipp Documentation  v.1.0

Documentation for the NewXMIPP project. (XMIPP is a suite of image processing programs primarily aimed at obtaining the three-dimensional reconstruction of biological specimens from projection images obtained by transmission electron microscopy)

The SQL-Ledger Documentation Project  v.1.0

SL-Wiki is an attempt to build an open source, community controlled documentation repository for SQL-Ledger, which do date doesn't exist elsewhere. This project will also provide alternative email lists for SQL-Ledger.

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